Saturday, November 26, 2011

cute, sexy, innocent "Lolita" style

Get the innocent casual look of Talia (see the kid's version pic). You'll feel more fun than ever!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From hair & hair a new store has emerged *HairARt* is now *HairARt*  Welcome to a center of hair beauty made specially for you.  All the new trends in hair designs and textures will are here to enhance your beautiful avatar body.

All made by exquisitely by creator Sebas Easterwood, lord of the realistic hairstyles you loved from hair & hair. 
Come to try the free demos and enjoy the newly renovated store which makes hair viewing a quick delight. 

The group hair & hair will eventually fizz so now is the time to join *HairARt* while is free membership.  The membership will not be huge, just a one time fee to help with the keep up of the store and blog.  With the group you will enjoy monthly gifts for men, women and children, in the form of hairstyles, or outfits that will include the high quality hair you are used to, plus MM gifts once in a while. 

 There's always room for hair in our inventory.  It is actually one of the most important body parts and the part that most improves our overall look and style.  See you at *HairARt*