Monday, September 19, 2011

Is late! Is late! Come follow the rabbit into the New World of Hair & Hair!
Welcome!  The all new Hair & Hair sim is simple, easy, lag free, and so delightful to stroll around through excellently organized amazing hair vendors.

All areas are sooo easy to spot quickly!  Teleports easy to see are everywhere!!! A Bright Happy Mall, awesome clothing store...Even teleport to ummm...a sumerged dancing club?!!?

New styles, and textures have been created to enhance and mimic reality! Soft real hair strands is the name of the game!

Easy on the budget prices and discounts areas for older (but super) hairstyles. and... all the gadgets we all love to get more free wonderful hair:  MM, and lucky chairs!  Males and females alike, will have a chance to get that awesome hair that goes with the favorite outfit!

Is late! Is late! Time to change that old inventory of ours and get brand new fresh hairstyles from the brand new fresh Hair & Hair!

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